Hi there, let's catch the sun!

The Sun…
turns night into day..
darkness into light...
turns winter into spring..
makes dark clouds disappear...

Its the sun that makes our planet burst of life. It is the center of vitality, a source of positivity.

Also to us, the Sunshine Club. Just like the sun, we want to put a smile on people’s faces. With our trendy giftcases we bring the happiness of a rising sun into your life. Or enable you to bring that feeling to others.

And, just like the sun, we respect live. That is why all our giftcases contain vegan, cruelty free products. Products with a unique story. Healthy and environmentally friendly.

When did you last make someone shine?

The Sunshine Club
Makes You Shine

Our values


We go for authenticity and reliable stories; products that are fairly produced and with a beautiful (often family oriented) story.


Generic products are not our thing; we go for a personal approach. We always look carefully for trendy, original, surprising products, partners,…


We only work with eco-friendly and sustainable products that make nature smile.


Just like the sun we try to bring warmth and light to our surroundings. A smile, to make people shine…