Hi there, let's catch the sun!

What happens when two sisters, Nina & Sophia, decide to completely change their careers as former lawyers to make their dreams come true?

Welcome to The Sunshine Club, a place for the most inspiring, sustainable and ecological gifts to delight your loved ones - or yourself!  Inspired by memorable sunrises, unforgettable dinners, sunny days, boundless love and endless summers on the beach, we decided to start a company with a creative, positive vibe that offers a one-stop-shop for gifts that not only make the recipient happy, but also make nature smile: all products are vegan , cruelty-free and focused on sustainability and ecological awareness.

The Sunshine Club offers original and inspiring gift ideas for all occasions, in one personal, reliable and sustainable way. Just as the sun is a source of light, joy and positivity, The Sunshine Club focuses on these values to bring you nothing but the best.

When was the last time you let someone shine?

Our 4 values colour our story:

1) AUTHENTIC stories and 2) INSPIRATIONAL gifts
With her acquired expertise as a qualified beautician and various dermatology skin courses, Sophia went through all the ingredient lists in detail, all products were extensively tested and we chose together a carefully selected collection of brands and products that are authentic, tasteful, inspirational and - above all - of impeccable quality. We also prefer young starting brands with a great story and a lot of potential. Through extensive background information about the benefits and ingredients of our range, our customers know exactly what and from whom they are buying.

The Sunshine Club is a family business and you can tell by everything; many of our brands have a family connection, the people you see in our photos are all family members, the boxes are named after family members, ...

From our positive mindset, we try to be as neutral (gender, age,…) as possible with The Sunshine Club. For us, glitter, make-up, pink products, blue products can be given as gifts to everyone. After all, our main goal is 'to make you shine'!

All products are 'green'; they take 100% account of nature. The products in our Sunny Boxes are all vegan and cruelty-free and many brands have also obtained additional "green" quality certificates (this is always carefully displayed with each product).

Our goal is to offer an original and healthy alternative with our green gifts where you may already live a (partly) vegan or just become vegan-curious. Even if we can create a one-time vegan moment in your life with our vegan boxes, we are very happy!

Our values


We go for authenticity and reliable stories; products that are fairly produced and with a beautiful (often family oriented) story.


Generic products are not our thing; we go for a personal approach. We always look carefully for trendy, original, surprising products, partners,…


We only work with eco-friendly and sustainable products that make nature smile.


Just like the sun we try to bring warmth and light to our surroundings. A smile, to make people shine…